This is my website serving as a central hub to link my various online presences into one “Kev” network, you can reach this site from any of the other platforms I use and you can get to all of them from this website. It is also my home here on WordPress, because I do like to follow and read other folks blogs so I thought I may as well have a presence here, a place to point folk in the direction of my other online presences  (links below).


These are my homes online:

65qfl7b_400x400  This is my Twitter, it is where I do some of  my social networking. Twitter is my online home, and anything goes on my Twitter.


flickr-icon-14 This is my Flickr, this is where you can find my photographs, I guess it’s kind of my photographic portfolio 😁   Photography is my main hobby / interest.


download  This is my Tumblr, it’s where I, erm,tumble things.


youtube  This is my YouTube channel, I don’t really have much of an interest in creating my own videos but I do like watching others offerings.  This doesn’t mean that I will never create my own vid’s, just don’t hold your breathe waiting for them.


facebook.png  My Facebook.    While anything goes on my Twitter, my FB is more “pc”, a safe haven.  My Facebook is my other social networking home online.


img_20190320_101422_037 My Instagram.  Yes I have Instagram as well as Flickr, just because I love photography so much.




Please feel free to visit me on any of my platforms.

This website may evolve over time, pages may be added, other functions and uses may be realised and maybe eventually I might start using the “Blog” section of this site.